A unique experience store, with genuine antique and vintage furniture, lights, porcelain and collectable treasures. A place to explore the history and design of antiques. Saanchi houses antiques that have been carefully retrieved, lovingly restored and ready to be reused.

Saanchi is a continuation of a quarter century old passion of ours, to collect and live around beautiful antique furniture. In Sanskrit Saanchi means A Collection.

Walking through pillared arches and colored glass windows, you can soak in the ambience of an era gone by. Sit on an antique theater chair and watch a presentation or look at some of our finest pieces in our museum.

Seasoned wood, classic design and craftsmanship of a bygone era are investments that only appreciate. Housed in a beautiful building, designed specially for antiques and treasures, Saanchi is located in Langford Town, Bangalore.