20th Century Furniture & Antique Designs always have a well known and international reputation for their creative artwork. They come in all sizes and designs possible from single objects to entire collections and can not be found anywhere in the world.

These 20th Century Furniture & Antique Design also include many other styles ranging from midcentury to modern design. At Saanchi Antique, You will even be amazed to find well-designed furniture and other household accessories.

These furniture are a must to have pieces which make your home a very beautiful and attractive place to stay in. Not only that, these antiques will provide you with a sense of warmth and character to your house. And the more the number of historical antiques you possess, the more elegant the place becomes. The Indian and South Asia art forms are as old as the civilizations itself. Antique stores in Bangalore have valuable products like primitive petroglyphs from the prehistoric times. And one can also find the latest flourishing contemporary art scenes that are existing today. These art categories are particularly rich in both tradition and history. Some of the best antique collectible shops sell furniture and antiques that reflect exciting new developments in technology. It has to be said that artistic influence on these antiques is growing day by day. And parallelly, the competition to buy these valuable and unique antiques is also increasing.

This article will help you in finding the right antique collectibles shops and the best available designs that are trending in the market now. You will get to know the shops that offer Old furniture for sale in Bangalore. And more importantly, the shops which represent the best collection of Antique furniture stores in Bangalore.

Antique Designs available

South Asian art, primarily Indian furniture and antiques have gained complexity and evolved significantly over the last millennia. Several vintage Antique furniture stores in Bangalore has made a wide variety of art available to the collecting audience. Asian art forms often hold a story behind them. It could be either of religious or political influences or other reasons. This unique fact makes these South Asian sculptures to be a lot more interesting to collect. Many people start to discover more and more about these antiques and this creates further interest.

People’s opinions differ when it comes to buying furniture or antiques. It could be the beauty of the antiques or because of their love and admiration for the older things. But, irrespective of all of these, they want and continue to hold the antique’s value. The Best Antique Collectibles Shops in Bangalore has a wide variety of antiques that anyone would definitely go crazy about.

Antiques created during the Gupta period, around 320 CE is available in Antique stores in Bangalore. This includes several carved sculptures of Jainist, Hindu and Buddhist deities beautifully made. These antiques will not only add beauty but also the inner peace and wisdom one needs in their life.

Best Antique Collectibles Shops in Bangalore

20th Century Furniture

It’s needless to say that the furniture abound in India and South Asia. This includes a rich legacy of the woodwork. These uniquely designed furniture reflect the tradition and the culture of our country. And hence it is valued highly throughout the region. One can get exquisitely designed furniture from shops which provide used antique furniture for sale in Bangalore. The designs in this furniture include elaborately carved facades of temples and residential cabinets.

One can also finwell-crafted screens and tables in shops which have Antique furniture for sale in Bangalore. These antiques and furniture bring a high level of adornment to the whole house. The craftsmanship is highly evident from the furniture itself. Most of the Indian furniture and antique pieces are embellished with traditional motifs often. This includes the usage of colorful opaque pigments which produce a really stunning effect.

Wood furniture is found to be of interest in many Indian and South Asian households. The raw material of these furniture includes Rosewood brought from the Himalayan foothills. This has long been most widely desired timbers in the furniture market of India and South Asia. It brings an innate beauty with itself. It’s availability and durability in the region have made it more popular.T he woodworking artisans have preferred to create furniture in this for centuries.

Some of these Indian antiques were preserved for centuries. The maharajas ruled during the early 18th century have encouraged the creation of many antique and furniture. And they have had consistent trading networks with the Western world. This has led to the development of a unique style of furniture that relies on local traditions plus the materials.

20th Century Antique Items

Asian regions have their own unique history, philosophy, religion and culture. Each country has its own art market indisputably. They portray a multitude of well-defined characteristics and unique and individual customs and traditions. This difference in traditions and customs directly influence the antique selling markets.

Antique stores in Bangalore selling antiques has been considered to be one of the strongest growth in India. It has started to emerge into the global art scene during the mid-2000s. The popularity of Indian and Chinese art and artifacts have made them well popular among many people. These antiques are made of different components like bronze pieces, ceramics, snuff bottles and contemporary paintings. Though it has driven the prices up dramatically, the crave for artistic work never stopped growing. Best Antique Collectibles Shops have Japanese artworks and antiques as well. These antiques like swords, armor and ceramics are highly valued today.

These artwork are original and unadulterated. It’s quite hard to duplicate these pieces of artwork even with the same material and equipment. Facts like the date of creation, the artist and/or the company brand of the antique denote the credibility of the artwork. Some other unique antiques include the signature of the creator.

Best Antique Furniture Stores in Bangalore- Saanchi

One can get any furniture and antique piece from the Antique furniture stores in Bangalore. It is considered to be one of the best places to buy such valuable antiques in Bangalore. It comes at a far better reasonable price and of the best quality. And in all sizes and designs, you can get unique antiques for sale in Bangalore. These antique pieces are maintained in the same condition as it was created and thus the tradition and the purity is kept as it is.


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