Furniture and household accessories one has makes the home a very beautiful and attractive place to stay in. It can be seen that people want to buy something valuable, unique and creative. Also, the antiques include a sense of history, warmth, and character to your house. Different people have different opinions when it comes to buying antiques. Either they purchase antiques for their beauty, or because they simply love and admire the older things, or because they hope to hold the antique’s value, but in general, the best rule in buying is to get what you like. Just spending money on antiques might not be the best way to do it. This article will help you in finding the right antique collectibles, top-rated Antique stores in Bangalore and other best quality furniture you can get in Bangalore.

A well-designed antique will surely retain its value even after ages compared to the new furniture made by machines. Following are the five factors one should keep in mind when it comes to buying an antique. They are Rarity of the antique, Overall Desirability, Aesthetics of the furniture, Condition of the antique and Authenticity of the antique. When all the above conditions are met, you would have definitely found a valuable antique whose worth is likely to grow and also gets appreciated as the years pass by.

Antique Rarity & Signs of valuable Antiques

Imagine a situation where you have a bike or any accessory which has only one count of it being made ever and which looks astonishingly beautiful. One of the antique furniture stores in Bangalore owns a lot of such worthy antiques. They have collections of these which are very difficult to make and also needing a special talent to do it. Well, even rarity aspect might differ from person to person depending on their taste and experiences. For some, it’s the price or the design and color or the maker’s brand which can make it unique.

There are some antique collectibles which remain even after all the other same-time pieces were destroyed or in no functional condition. Some antique old furniture cannot be reproduced exactly as they are, because of the complex design and the material being used. You can also get Antique used furniture for sale in Bangalore that is very valuable and desirable. Such attributes make an accessory very valuable and rare. Several antique furniture stores in Bangalore sell such unique pieces of antique for sale in Bangalore.

antique clocks bangalore

Antique Clocks- Saanchi

Overall Desirability of Antique

One need to spend a lot of time in finding which antique old furniture is desirable. But, there is a fact to consider here. Valuable antiques that are desired in the previous era might not be the best now or whatever people like now might change over time. So, if you want to get an antique collectible which would be desired by all gender, all age groups, all coming generations, then you need to put in some time and effort to get such a masterpiece.

Aesthetics of the Antique furniture

Many times, people don’t get satisfied after buying any antique collectible. They wish the color to be different or the carving to be a little bit perfect or any changes in the furniture. But, at the same time, if one looks at the overall beauty of it, it would have come really better. It also depends on the personal taste of individuals, but some pieces of furniture and art would have a universal appeal. Several museums have large collections of such rare and aesthetic pieces. And some Antique and Handcraft furniture stores in Bangalore sell off such beautiful artworks at an affordable price.

Rare Condition of the Antique

In the real world, any antique piece you are contemplating to buy may not be in the same condition as it was looking when it was born. Because a lot of changes might have happened over the years to the piece that you want to own. Also, there are different levels of damage one can see in an artwork. Some of them include minor crack or chip in any part of the object. If these defects are found in an antique, they devalue the artwork significantly. Thus, it’s extremely important to buy such antiques looking for any sort of flaws in it.

Common flaws include discoloration, missing parts, scratches, cracks, breaks and tears, dings and gouges and maybe broken parts of the antique. If you find the damage not bothering you, you can buy the piece and there’s a chance of negotiation in such cases.

Authenticity of the Art piece

It’s pretty easy to make a duplicate piece of any artwork resembling the same look and material.

Thus, it is really important to validate whether the artwork is original or a mere shadow of it. One needs to check the date of creation, artist or company brand of the antique and other factors like signature and seller credibility. The main thing to do is to separate truth from fiction. With the latest technology, the ability to reproduce art craft items has become more easy and advanced making the identifying process more difficult.

For example Spelter, a combination of two different metals looks like bronze. Spelter neither wear nor can be cast in as fine a detail and is very lightweight, and is far less in price. Thus, spelter which is often referred to as “the poor man’s bronze,”  is being mainly used for such adulteration purposes.

Saanchi Antique is one of the trustworthy and reliable Antique and Handicraft store in Bangalore. One can also check in some Vintage furniture stores in Bangalore area for a more authentic artwork which possesses all the other qualities as well.

To give a clue, the following few items that are really valuable:

  • Older Quilts
  • Vintage Jewelry and Costumes
  • Signed Letters and Autographs of famous people
  • Leather Bound Books
  • Sterling Silver
  • Old Clocks and Watches
  • Porcelain
  • Paintings
  • Mid-Century Furniture
  • Bronze Sculptures
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Old signs, posters and movie ads
  • Fine Table Linens

Antiques and Handicraft Store

The store Saanchi Antique is one of the best places to look out for such valuable antiques in Bangalore at a reasonable price with the best of the quality possible. You will get quality and rare old antique furniture in Bangalore from different regions of the country and you will be able to find antiques of any size and shape that can decorate the house of any design.


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