Why are Antique items most desirable?

Antiques come from different time periods. They are available in all forms and structures such as loving cups, teaspoons to expensive cars such as Rolls Royces, Beetles. Even beer bottles, antique wines, theatre posters are antiques if they are rare and unique. There is a buyer for every type of collectible item. They come in all sizes and shapes. However, there is also a market for fake antique items.

How do you find the original from duplicate? Antiques have a few impeccable rules that make them desirable compared to others. You can ask any antique collector about his belongings, he will start telling you an engaging story about the history of the artifact. That is what makes an antique unique and desirable. An individualistic and quirky story. Saanchi is the topmost old antique furniture shop in Bangalore. You can find a magnificent collection of vintage furniture.


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Antique collectors are very particular about what the collection might contain. There are certain attributes every collector looks for in an antique. He will select the item carefully and examine it thoroughly before buying that. It is important to know whether the item is in good condition or not. Also, the quality of the restoration also needs to be taken into account. Collectors are particularly interested in the rarity of the object. Here are some Antique clocks displayed from Saanchi store. They are keen to know about the history of the item and they are also concerned about the price of the object. Saanchi showcases the most unique Antique items for sale in Bangalore.

Why is Rarity of Antiques important?

Most collectors have lots of treasures in their collection. They have attached sentimental value to the item. Some items have a story that is unique to it. There are also items that are prized because they are rare. If an item is totally unique and hard to get hold of, then it has a higher value compared to a similar item that has been mass produced.

Hand finished items or objects that are handcrafted are often highly priced because they are unique in each time and two things do not look alike. Sometimes mass-produced items have also come under rarity status. This is because the production of that particular object might have been stopped years earlier.

For example, A batch of coins that have defects such as updated British 20 pence pieces can be a rare commodity. Also, the cases of stamps that are made without perforations or color distortions are also important rare antiques. You will not believe what insane amount collectors will pay for these imperfections.

Importance of Quality of Antique items

Every manufactured item, whether hand-made, hand-finished, or mass produced, will have been made to a specific standard. A ‘good quality’ item can either be a very good example of its type, or it might be made to a very high standard from top of the range materials. A piece of jewelry that is made of gold or precious stones are definitely valuable. But anything with silver or other lower quality metal will have a lower value. Similarly, jewelry with low-quality stones will be valued lower. You can get the best quality Antique stores in Bangalore.

 Collectors often talk about items that are not valuable to other people. A great example of this is majolica pottery. These pottery items may seem crude and unattractive to an average person. However, it will be a valuable thing if it is in good condition even if it does not look good. Minor damages in the corners do not concern the collector. The only thing that matters is the quality of restoration. Large cracks, however, diminish the value even if the antique is rare. These things need to be taken into account when an antique item is being sold.

Old Antique Furniture- Signs of Valuable Antiques

But the problem remains that how do you find out the antique is valuable and unique. Here are the instruction for it.

  1. Ask the opinion of the experts. If you have an item that you think is worth much then you can go to an auction house and ask for the opinion of the auctioneers. Most of them do it freely and do not charge for this service. If the item is entered for sale, they get a commission out of it. So they will give a genuine opinion about the item. It should be noted that since auction houses work on the basis of compassion, you will still need to pay even if your item did not sell.
  2. You can find price guides for common collectibles. These are published by publishers such as Millers. These guides give a great deal of information about collectibles. It shows the cross-section of items. There are also guides for specific topic areas. If you look on to Amazon with your specific interest, you can then buy the book related to it. You can also hire the book part-time from a library.
  3. There are also online catalogs available with these published by the bigger auction houses. If you find an item that is similar to yours then you can take a note of it and then check it later to see whether it is sold at the auction or not. By this, you can get to know the value of the collectible you have in your possession.
  4. You can go to an antique dealer and get a valuation. It is important to know which type of antique dealer you are going. This is because generalist antique dealers may have very little information about the item you have. Therefore it is necessary for you to go to a specialist dealer who has exclusive collections similar to those of yours. You can get in touch with multiple dealers to know whether the value of the item is true or not. It is important that you sell through a dealer. This is because dealers can give you fair and good advice. However, you should negotiate well to get a better end of the deal. They are businessmen and they would like to make money than you.

Old Antique Furniture shop in Bangalore

Antiques can make our lives richer by giving a new look to our homes. It is a must-have for people who are enthusiastic about the history and their ancestors. Saanchi is the topmost old antique furniture shop in Bangalore.


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