Antique Collectibles that Are Worth Investing 

Collectibles are items that are worth far more than the time of creation. And, they are valuable than it was originally sold for. This is because of their rarity and the very high demand among current generation people. Some of the common categories of collectibles are toys, antiques, coins, stamps, furniture and comic books.

The collectible term is applied sometimes to new items which are mass-produced and kept for sale. Usually, this is a marketing trick to raise consumer demand. If the latest items kept for sale run into supply issues, it will up the price if there is more demand. But, in the case of collectibles, it’s a different factor which drives the value and market of true collectibles.

One golden rule to keep in mind when buying collectibles is to buy what you love. If you are lucky, that collectible might be a valuable one worth keeping. The collectible market is a little tricky one. An antique valuable at some point of time might become worthless after a few generations and vice versa. And, there’s no unique liking among different people. All of these evolve over time and as the generations change.

One thing to notice is that the current generation does not show interest or value the fun in collecting antiques. The number of antiques collected by our grandparents is far more in number than the present times. They find it to be odd and outdated. And, people expect immediate returns from buying


1. Antique Collectibles

A lot of Asian antique collectibles share their tradition and value. Some of them include Chinese ceramics, porcelain utensils. The price of these varies depending on the time of creation. Chinese and Japanese antiques are never sold back in auctions. They value each and every one of it. One can find such beautiful antique collectibles in Saanchi antiques and other old antique furniture shops in Bangalore.

Collectible purchase trend is not low, but at the same time, there is not a lot of people going for this. So, this article is focused to bring awareness about 6 of the antiques that are worth investing. One can buy these antique collectibles in online platforms like Amazon, eBay etc.. But, it is best advised to meet an antique store in Bangalore like Saanchi Antiques to get a personal connection.

2. Antique Clocks

In this age of digital clocks and elegant mobile phones, it has become easier to tell the time. We even can see the time of different countries quickly. But, in the early 1900s and before, it was not always easy. But, there is a beauty involved in this process. From sundials, water clocks, sand clocks, mechanical clocks, a lot of design and tradition has been imparted in them.

These antique clocks carry a story with them. Have you ever imagined how the earliest human civilization have estimated the time? And, how it has come to the current level of easiness? So, these antique clocks are not only pieces of beauty and value, but also of historical importance.

Other forms of clocks are incense clocks, candle clocks, and hourglasses. These clocks were mostly used in the Middle Ages which led to the invention of the traditional clocks as we see today.


 3. Antique Furniture

Antique furniture include the Mid-Century Modern Furniture and even older times. The antique furniture market has evolved over time. It is not how it used to be once. The antique furniture collectors are flocking to collect more modern pieces which were made in the 1950s and 1960s period.

This has been the trend with all the classes of people. A lot of the inspiration to collect antiques come from media, TV and movies. People like the dark brown colored furniture used in the historic era and get hooked on to them.

And, it comes to the antique designers’ popularity as well. A lot of people like Wendell Castle and Ray Eames are known across all the countries. Though there were ups and downs in their life, they produced good designs which are even admired today. One can find a pair of chairs or the ottoman can be found in Antiques and Handicraft Store In Bangalore. They have collections from various countries, traditions and regions. There will be a match of dining tables, desk and another furniture one can buy from such auctions.

A lot of people have started looking for decorative things which have a story attached with them. So, collect something which has a soul,a heart, a meaning rather than some mass-produced piece of furniture.


4. Antique Lights

Vintage Lighting Fixtures with beautiful designs cannot only lighten up your homes but also restore the lost tradition. These authentic lighting added with the modern wiring will definitely create an artistic look to your place. These antique lights also come up with shades and other makeovers that give a unique look and feel.

It can even give the impression of the latest lightwork, but dating years ago. The ancient lights were made of shop glass and crystal lighting setup. One can also find the ancient chandeliers used in palaces at an old antique furniture shop in Bangalore.


5. Antique Art

Contemporary art plays a big role in the art industry. They have drastically improved the state of the art scene. Antique arts are accessible in all regions and widely preferred by collectors of all kinds. These artworks come in different levels of prices, starting from few thousands to lakhs and more.

Sometimes, two versions of the same work might be available at different prices. That depends on the authenticity of the art. Contemporary art has multi-generational appeal. Both younger and older collectors get fascinated equally by some pieces. You can find such beautiful antique artworks at Saanchi Antiques.


6. Antique Giftables

If you want to gift someone an antique, welcome, as there are a lot of antique giftables available. You can gift Vintage fashion items from the early 40’s from different countries like Europe and the US.

Basically, you can gift any item which takes you back to olden days. Japanese ceramic utensils, pop music albums, contemporary artworks, childhood toys and some very rare collections. Though they might cost less, these antique giftables will definitely add value to the collector.


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